AxiomTree — Next Gen Features

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Consumer Psychology

We use consumer psychology to understand your audiences. Targeting just happens, and messaging is based on science.

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Target Clusters

We communicate to all main groups of your audience in a way that moves them to action. No more “one message, one audience”

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Data Science

Powerful algorithms to handle different types of data that you have and discover unexpected correlations

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Higher sales

Focus on improving what matters: revenue. It’s time to leave vanity metrics behind.

Cluster-Based Insights

You need to speak to your audience the way each customer would like to be spoken to. AxiomTree determines the high-probability consumer clusters within your target audience.

  • AxiomTree analyzes your data to determine the motivating characteristics of your audience
  • Knowing their psychological and emotional states empowers anyone to speak to them in a way that moves their hearts.
  • Powerful behavioral analysis ensures the timing and execution of messaging happens at exactly the right timing.
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PsyCom® Creative

We use PsyCom®: Psychometric Communications to clearly explain how to build your creative and your communication for each of your target clusters.

  • Main personality traits
  • Emotions and reactions to the external environment
  • Creative and communication brief
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